Anatomy of a Seed Stack

Seed Stacks as a concept, was invented by BlockMit, as far as we can tell, when they created the first 3d printed die for stamping BIP39 seed words into washers.  We really liked the idea and set out to expand and improve on it with an emphasis on standardizing, what we call, Seed Stacks.

We designed and made our version of the die used to stamp wallet keys into washers and we call our version the Cardinal.  

It seemed obvious to us that M8 X 24 washers are ubiquitous and can be found anywhere in the world and often times can be found for free or very cheaply, so this seemed like a great direction.  Same goes for M8 threaded rod and an M8 nut.  A basic Seed Stack can technically be made from any length of M8 threaded rod or any M8 bolts of any length or cut to any length.  However we use an M8 x 60 bolt because it holds 12 -24 BIP Keys and will also fit inside already existing 1oz silver round storage containers.

A Seed Stack can be improved over time as a wallet becomes more important to you.  For example, a bare bones Seed Stack would just be a bolt, a nut and 12 or 24 BIP Keys.  But, you may also want to use 40mm washers on either ends of your Seed Stack which will support the top and bottom ends of the Seed Stack inside most 1 oz Silver Round storage containers.  You may also want to place a sleeve over your Seed Stack as shown in photos on our site.  These sleeves can also be various colors and LASER engraved or labels placed onto them.  We plan on offering these in the future.  You may also want to use a Bitcoin Acorn nut on the end of your Seed Stack which are now available in small size and we also plan on offering various colors and sizes of the Bitcoin Nuts as well as, if there is demand, offer “Crypto” Nuts with other tokens LASER etched onto them.  Again, if there is demand.

Ubiquitous items that can be found anywhere in the world like M8 washers allows anyone, anywhere, of any economic status to access extremely durable, inexpensive Bitcoin Keys.  In many cases an M8 Bolt, and M8 nut and M8 x 24 washers can be found for free on old automobiles, machinery and equipment for free or very cheaply.

Seed Stacks – /siːd  stæks/  Bitcoin Keys permanently marked on metal discs, most commonly M8 x 24 washers and secured together using a bolt or ring.

Anatomy of a Seed Stack - BIP Coins - BIP Keys - Bitcoin Keys
Basic Anatomy of a Seed Stack
Seed Stack Ring - Stainless Steel - Bitcoin Seed Stack Washers
Seed Stack Ring
BIP Key - SATOSHI BIP Coin - seed Stacks

Anatomy of a BIP Coin & BIP Key

BIP Coin Blank - M8 X 24 Washer

We call M8 x 24 washers with a BIP39 Dictionary word on them, BIP Coins because they are basically the the size of a Quarter in the USA.  They contain a BIP Dictionary word and they represent money.  Its a bit cheesy, but it totally makes sense so that’s what we call them.  A BIP Coin.

So, an M8 washer is made into a BIP Coin by permanently marking it with a BIP39 Dictionary word.  A BIP Key is the same BIP Coin but with the associated key marked on to it.

BIP Coins and BIP Keys both can be collected, traded, sold or reused.  

BIP Coin Satoshi Coin
Seed Stack CAD Drawing
BIP Key - SATOSHI BIP Coin - seed Stacks